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Dentaurum Azerbaijan Dear Colleagues,
I am glad to invite you to attend two-day summer course in Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan. I am sure that the lectures presented by the world renowned inventor and lecturer Dr. Aladin Sabbagh will be interested for every dentist. The event will take place at "Aysberg" resort complex situated in the south-west of Absheron peninsula, on the coast of the Caspian Sea, in 12km from the city center. You are welcome with your families and friends to enjoy summer season by swimming in the warm sea and sunbathing on the hot sand of the beach.

Dr. Zaur Zeynalov (DDS, MOrth).
Representative of Dentaurum GmbH&Co.KG in Azerbaijan Republic,
Secretary and past President of the Azeri Orthodontic Society.
Lectures will be presented in English and interpreted into Azeri. Participants will receive a certificate.

Course program:

AquaSplint therapy

Friday, July 14, 2017.
Temporomandibular disorders (TMD), the manual diagnostic and AquaSplint therapy.
Target group: Dentists, Orthodontists, Oral surgeons, Physiotherapists, Postgraduate Assistants.
This course demonstrates the diagnostics and therapy in practical steps supported by treated cases and scientific evidence.
  • Fast initial diagnostic of TMD using manual functional diagnosis
  • Simplified differential diagnosis of TMD using the AquaSplint
  • Treatment rules
  • The clicking phenomenon: Consequence of malocclusion? Therapy necessary?
  • Indication, use and management of the AquaSplint (with demonstration)
  • Manual / physiotherapy exercises as accompanying therapy
  • What comes after the splint? Is occlusal rehabilitation an absolute must?
  • Preprosthetic / preorthodontic bite determination using the AquaSplint
  • Avoiding iatrogenic TMD during dental/orthodontic treatment
  • When are imagine techniques (MRT/CT/DVT etc.) indicated?
  • Contraindications, failure, relapse
  • Current forensic and financial aspects


Saturday, July 15, 2017.
Trouble shooting / problem management in orthodontics.
Target group: Orthodontists, Postgraduate Assistants.

  • Anchoring:Management and solutions for difficult anchoring-situations (using Pins, SUS2). Tipps and tricks for easy handling of mini-implants (Anchoring-Pins)
  • Non-compliance:Management and solutions for patients with bad cooperation / oral hygiene
  • Surgery: Prevention and management of complications within dysgnathic surgery
  • Progressive bite jumping with the SUS2- Apparatus to avoid dysgnathic surgery in moderate cases
  • TMJ:Prevention and management of TMD in orthodontics (AquaSplint Concept)
  • Aesthetics:Overcoming of treatment-obstacles in aesthetic aspects. Especially with adults and with the help of Invisalign / Essix, Linguabrackets, Ceramicbrackets, Tomas-pin / SUS2 (head gear replacement)
  • Up to date: Information about new materials, brackets (especially self-ligating brackets as well as new techniques of modern orthodontics)
  • Recommendation concerning root resorbtion, traumatic frontal tooth loss, multiple aplasia and premature molars-loss, teeth ankylosis
  • Indirect bonding: a simplified and quick method (especially for patients with hypersalivation or ADHD)
  • Relapse:Tipps and tricks to avoid and treat relapse

Aladin Sabbagh Dr. Aladin Sabbagh is an orthodontist and oral surgeon who graduated from the University of Damascus in 1987. Dr. Sabbagh invented the SUS/Sabbagh Universal Spring, and he owns four patents in the EU/USA. He is the Chairman of the Association of German Orthodontists (BDK) in M. Franconia/Bavaria. He is an Honour Professor and a member of the Editorial Board of the VVA Health publishing, IOS & AEO Prague, Essen (Germany), as well as numerous national and international orthodontic associations. Dr. Sabbagh is a lecturer at the European Academy of Dental Education in Nuremberg and several national and international universities. He is also a consultant and referent for Dentaurum, 3M Unitek and TeleDenta. He has been a university lecturer since 1991 and lectures mainly about the Herbst appliance/SUS, modern adult orthodontics, mini implants and TMD.

Dr. Zaur Zeynalov
Phone: +994 50 3263151
Facebook Event page.

"Aysberq" Hotel & Recreation Center
Salyan Highway, Shikhov Beach, Baku, Azerbaijan
Phone: +994 12 565 07 45

Registration fees:
- before April 15:
  • First course July, 14 (including 1 pack of AquaSplit Classic) - 90$,
  • Second course July, 15 - 90$
  • Both courses - 170$.
- before May 30:
  • First course July, 14 (including 1 pack of AquaSplit Classic) - 110$,
  • Second course July, 15 - 110$
  • Both courses - 200$.
- after May 31:
  • First course July, 14 (including 1 pack of AquaSplit Classic) - 150$,
  • Second course July, 15 - 150$
  • Both courses - 270$.
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